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The Erickson Alumni Center has set aside a corridor devoted to displays of fraternity and sorority graphics, photos and memorabilia. The plan is to have at least a touch screen display of basic fraternity/sorority information by the start of football season. I thought you might be like to see some of what will be displayed about Sigma Phi Epsilon. Start up time was very short, and that limited what could go into this first effort, but I understand there will be an opportunity to expand later. Some of the alumni pictures don’t seem to have made it in. I’ll try to get them included next time. Enjoy.

Organization: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Chapter: West Virginia Beta

Founded: November 1, 1901 Richmond College (University of Richmond)

Established at WVU: March 25, 1903

Notable Alumni:

General Anthony “Nuts” McAuliffe(1914): Hero of the Battle of the Bulge.

Richard “Dyke” Raese(1931) Legendary WVU basketball coach, coached the 1942 national championship team,  WVU Sports Hall of Fame, President of Greer Limestone Company

A.C. “Whitely’Gwynne(1934) Pioneer athletic trainer, two time Olympic trainer for basketball. Helms Foundation Hall of Fame, WVU Sports Hall of Fame.

Stanley Romanoski(1942): WVU track and field coach, President, IC4A Track Coaches Association, WVU Sports Hall of Fame,  President of the fraternity’s alumni board for 20 years. Order of the Golden Heart, the fraternity’s highest honor.

Avery Gaskins(1953): Associate Professor, WVU Outstanding Teacher,  Long time fraternity advisor. Order of the Golden Heart.

Thomas Potter(1957): Charleston Attorney, civic leader, philanthropist, served on several advisory boards at WVU, Order of  Vandalia, WVU’s highest honor.

Lieutenant General Mitchell Stevenson ( 1974). Deputy Chief of Staff G4, United States Army.


Its founding date of 1901 makes Sigma Phi Epsilon one of the younger national fraternities. Yet, it has grown into one of the largest .It now has 240 chapters and approximately 1500 undergraduate members. Just two years after the fraternity was formed, Delaware Walter Scott, George Wentworth Williams, Eddie Earl McIntyre, Erwin Delbert Cole, and William Edmond Watson became charter members of West Virginia Beta Chapter and it is the sixth oldest chapter in the fraternity.   The same year, Delaware Walter Scott became the first Grand President For most of the first decade, they held meetings in the lecture hall of Woodburn Hall. Since then they have lived successively in homes at 200 Wilson Avenue, 221 Willey Street, 118, Willey Street, 750 North Willey Street, and finally at 709 North High Street.  Over the years, the local chapter has produced a number of chief executives of steel, mining, and food industries, renowned coaches, several judges, and military leaders. Recently, a catastrophic fire at 709 North High Street caused the chapter to dissolve. It as now reorganized under the Balanced ManProgram which emphasizes a healthy life style, academics, leadership training and civic responsibility.

Mission Statement: To instill in members the cardinal principals, VIRTUE, DILIGENGE, and BROTHERLY LOVE.

Web Site:


Chapter President:

Nickolas Woloszn

Colors: Purple and Red.

Symbols: Skull and Crossbones within black heart.

Flowers Violet and Dark Rose.



















































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