What is the “AVC”?

The West Virginia Beta Alumni and Volunteer Corporation of Sigma Phi Epsilon (the “AVC”) is  a  nonprofit, nonstock corporation formed on February 28, 2012, to support the West Virginia Beta Chapter at WVU.  The AVC is governed by a sixteen (16) member Board of Directors, consisting of fifteen (15) voting directors, principally all of which are alumni of the West Virginia Beta Chapter, and one (1) ex-officio, non-voting director, consisting of a Parent Volunteer.

What is the current status of the Chapter?

On June 16, 2015, Adam Secret, Chapter President, announced that the Chapter’s Chartering Petition had been unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, thus officially returning the West Virginia Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon to the campus of West Virginia University.  Adam’s announcement follows:

West Virginia Beta Brothers,

Today I receieved a phone call from Trevor Bullard from SigEp HQ.  Trevor informed me that our chartering petition was unanimously approved by National’s Board of Directors, officially making us SigEp WV Beta once again! I want to thank everyone who was a part of this process, especially our WV Beta AVC board members, without whom this would not have been possible. I also want to thank all the brothers who did not give up on the chapter through the most difficult of times…that is the true definition of Brotherly Love. Most of all, I want to thank all the alumni and recent graduates for laying the foundation for SigEp WV Beta. A new era has begun for WV Beta and we are all a part of it!



Adam Secret
Chapter Pesident, WV Beta

What is the current status of 709 N. High Street?

The Gaskins House, as 709 N. High Street is now formally known on WVU’s campus, is owned and operated by SigEp National Housing (“SENH”), through SigEp Housing of West Virginia Beta, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company.  SENH originally leased the Gaskins House to WVU under the terms of a 5 year operating lease ended May 31, 2013, and most recently under the terms of a 2 year operating lease ended May 31, 2015.  Beginning with the 2015-2016 academic year, SENH has leased the house to Greek System Support Corporation.  The tenants allowed to live in the Gaskins House are limited under the terms of the lease, and include fraternities.  The Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity currently occupies the top two floors of the Gaskins House.  Office space in the bottom floor of the Gaskins House is currently occupied by Greek System Support Corporation.  The Gaskins House remains a long-term option for the Chapter’s housing needs.