Have a picture or two you’d like to share with the brothers?  Send it on, and we’ll post it here for everyone to enjoy.


Brother Bud Treasure (#1078) passed along the following 2 pictures from the September 13th WVU/Maryland game.  First picture (L to R) brothers Bud Treasure, Jon Capon (#1076) and Keith Thompson (#1039):

WVU Maryland  Rohr Jon Bud 2

WVU Maryland  Jon Rohr Bud


Brother Greg Tilley (#952) sent us the following 3 pictures to share with West Virginia Beta alumni.  First up…Brother Tom Dalesio (Chapter Vice President, 1975, and Greg’s pledge master in 1973).


Next, a classic for the Chapter archives…a group photo of SigEp Little Sisters, 1975…



And last, but not least, Greg sends along the following SigEp “family” picture of Ron Montgomery (#977), along with Ron’s little brothers…and their little brothers.  I recognize all these 70’s brothers…do you?


Thanks Greg, and keep ’em coming!

Brother Bob “Bear” Basinger (#934) shares the following “flashes from the past.”

First up…(l to r) Mark Constante, Jeff Shafer, and Bob posing at their house on Wiley Street

pic 1

Next…(l to r) Rusty Davis, Bob, Jeff Shafer and Mark Constante profiling in their matching white tails during the ’76 spring formal at the new (way back when) Ramada Inn (now overlooking I-68, just south of Morgantown).

pic 2

 Thanks for sharing, Bob.  Question is…do you brothers still have the moves of the Pips…and where’s Gladys?

Here are a few of our favorites…with thanks and credit to the original photographers for letting us use their images.

SigEp Alumni Photos 008528457_10200404156403930_1070274099_n24893_1340146136685_3604083_n24893_1340145896679_4891854_n24893_1340146176686_5137845_n401093_470281273005008_349362778_nSigEp Alumni Photos 073559961_10151508951306285_1214287808_n421901_10151508951826285_364118768_nFall '76 Pledge Class31463_10151508951766285_246947289_n150416_10151508951391285_790539133_n24893_1340146256688_1678031_nSigEp Alumni Photos 071SigEp TailgateSigEp Alumni Photos 074greek_lifeSigEp Alumni Photos 088Taking the Trophy!24893_1340146016682_98462_n24893_1340145936680_1167677_n24893_1340146096684_4332835_n550417_2410898929224_1490281779_n