Welcome West Virginia Beta Alumni and Friends!

It is with great excitement that I pen my first post for our new website. I have had the honor of serving as the president of the AVC since its inception. I have been impressed by the hard work and dedication of all our board members. I want you to know that West Virginia Beta is back, we have seen 3 semesters of recruiting and now have an outstanding group of brothers on campus. They are very active and are a source of pride to all of us.

Hopefully you have seen some emails or visited our Facebook group (SIG EP Alumni WV Beta). I would ask that you forward these sites to all your known brothers. We have found email is the best means of communication. Trying to maintain a mailing list is almost an impossible task.

The board meets monthly and has parent and undergrad participation. There will be lots of opportunities to meet up or reconnect with your brothers during the coming year. Our primary push is to get the chapter back into housing for 2014 and build the numbers. I am looking forward to seeing you for football.

Finally, I want to thank the board for all their contributions and their enthusiasm. You have made my job so easy.


Curtis Shinn ’74

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